0.6.27 compile bug - ngx_create_hashed_filename

dchapiesky at juno.com dchapiesky at juno.com
Thu Mar 13 00:27:20 MSK 2008

My mistake... Thanks Igor.
I should have mentioned that I am working on a CMake script to build nginx and I included that file...  I was thinking in terms of compilation errors and not that my script had the wrong file list in it... it had worked quite nicely for all of the directories except http...
If anyone is interested in CMake - checkout www.cmake.org - pretty cool cross platform make utility...
By the way  - My associates and myself would like to convey our awe to you - nginx is the most elegantly written program we have seen in many a long year... Who cares that it is a web server, we feel that your architecture was very well thought out and the code is rock solid.  One fellow I know has made his entire programming staff study your code... Thanks!

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