Problems with fastcgi php migration

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Thu Mar 13 15:26:35 MSK 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> In this config I do not see fastcgi_pass inside if block.
> Add it.

Igor, I just added it in again and it doesn't change anything. If 
cgi.fix-pathinfo=0 is off it fails. If cgi.fix-pathinfo=1 it works.

Anyway, fastcgi_pass IS THERE at the bottom of the location. It gets run 
along with all the other fastcgi_params.

So we can cheer. It's 99.999% working. I can go to /galleries, 
/galleries/ and /galleries/30/1/1 and they all work 100%.

The ONLY thing that doesn't work is finding the file if it's not in the 
site's root.

So as I said in the last email, the regex just needs a little tweak to 
find, say photos in, etc. etc.

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