Problems with fastcgi php migration

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Mar 13 15:39:58 MSK 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 08:26:35AM -0400, Ian M. Evans wrote:

> Igor Sysoev wrote:
> >In this config I do not see fastcgi_pass inside if block.
> >Add it.
> Igor, I just added it in again and it doesn't change anything. If 
> cgi.fix-pathinfo=0 is off it fails. If cgi.fix-pathinfo=1 it works.
> Anyway, fastcgi_pass IS THERE at the bottom of the location. It gets run 
> along with all the other fastcgi_params.

The "if" block is ugly construction inside nginx.
It requires fastcgi_pass inside "if" block too.
It's not enough fastcgi_pass at the bottom of the location.

Igor Sysoev

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