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Glenn Rempe lists at
Thu Mar 20 08:46:16 MSK 2008

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have finally came around to publishing my git repository. You can
> access it at
> It currently isn't cloneable (I haven't set up a git-daemon, only
> gitweb) -- I hope to enable it soon, if time permits.

Hi Grzegorz,

It would be great if you could setup a copy of your repo that you push 
your changes to at  There are several repositories there 
that are trying to track your project but none of them are up to date (I 
guess they are doing it manually).

If you could push your changes there, in addition to your main repo that 
drives your gitweb, it would be awesome since others can then simply 
fork off of your repo and track you changes or contribute to you more 

I can give you an invite to GitHub if you need one.


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