Feature requestED: monitoring Nginx from the outside

François Battail fb at francois.battail.name
Thu May 1 00:39:26 MSD 2008

Manlio Perillo <manlio_perillo at ...> writes:

> Good.


> When actually happens the running phase?
> At the end of the HTTP request? At regular intervals?

I've set a hook in logging phase.

> Note that since you don't know when a variable will be updated, you may 
> miss important changes in the variable.

Yes, but it's monitoring, not real time.

> As an example, in the upstream module if a peer is down, the variable 
> peer.down will be set to 1, but if *all* the peers are down, then all 
> the variables are set to 0, for a fast restart in the successive request.

It's a side effect, sorry I'm in the logic on monitoring.

> > 4) Scripts 
> I can't see any form of synchronization here.

Correct, but it's monitoring not real time, value fetch is atomic and so it's
coherent at a given moment. Nginx is write only and use ngx_atomic_t variables;
it's a snapshot at a given moment. Well can I said it's just monitoring ;-)

Thank you for your input,

Best regards.

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