mod_strip newline substitution problem

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Sun May 4 05:35:48 MSD 2008

>This is our first released module (called 
>ngx_http_html_clean_filter_module.c) and you could read the description 
>(in spanish) at:

Thank you for posting this!

Can this be used to strip unnecessary whitespace from .js files?
For example:
   var abc = "hi there";
   var abc="hi there";

  if (myvar = 'a b' && x = 3) return y == j ? y + 3 : y - 1;
  if(myvar='a b'&&x=3)return y==j?y+3:y-1;

Will it work like this?  If so, am I right to assume I can use it with other modules like the on-the-fly gzip so that your module will first strip the unnecessary whitespace from my .js files and then the gzip module will do its compression on the stripped version?


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