history of Nginx

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Sun May 4 17:25:33 MSD 2008

Hi Manlio,

On Son 04.05.2008 12:21, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> Hi.


> For the maintainers of the english wiki:
> - when did you started the project?

At the end of April 2006 I have started to translate the
src/core/nginx.c from the source due the fact that there wasn't any doc
for this even in Russia.

In the first May weeks, exactly on 06.05.2006 on the nginx.net was the
first time that the html pages has seen the world ;-)

At this time the netcraft place was 23/22 with 52,092/56,828 counted
hosts, of course some of them are virtualhosts.

In September 2006 the wiki was setuped by Cliff Wells.

At this time netcraft shows it on place 18 with 87,172 counted hosts.

Now nginx is on place 8 with 1,018,503 counted hosts ;-)

This is the history from my point please correct me if I'am wrong.



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