List of Nginx variables?

mike mike503 at
Wed May 7 22:16:17 MSD 2008

if you grep -r ngx_string nginx-codebase you get most or all of the
variables (and some other stuff) - since it is used as the function to
prepare or allocate the memory or something for each string...

it'd be a place to start. i guess cross reference it against the known
list on the wiki, and then ask to clarify any other missing ones; then
ask igor to inform us all of new variables or parameters on each
release and someone gets those into the wiki too...

On 5/7/08, Rt Ibmer <rtibmx at> wrote:
> I agree this is a bit confusing. In fact I posted something about this on the list a couple weeks ago - looking for a comprehensive list.  For instance there are some gzip variables that show compression rates or something like that which I've seen others reference in examples but not documented that I could find, so naturally I wondered what else was available but not documented.

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