Is it possible to turn off file upload buffering in nginx ?

Chris whyleyc at
Thu May 8 17:06:14 MSD 2008

Brice Figureau <brice+nginx at ...> writes:

> Hi
> On Thu, May 8, 2008 01:48, Chris wrote:
> > I just wanted to follow-up on an issue that was first
> > raised back in 2006 - are any options planned in nginx
> > to allow users to turn off the buffering of file uploads ?
> >
> > If so do you know the likely timeframe for this ?
> >
> > Currently this is the only problem stopping me migrating over
> > to nginx from pound.
> >
> > See this link for backgound information:
> >
> There is still my nginx_upload_progress module.
> This is a hack that works only with 1 worker process.
> This also hasn't really been tested under load (and I have at least one
> user reporting a few crash that are being investigated (but couldn't be
> reproduced in the lab)), but YMMV.
> You can find the source code and more information here:
> Let me know if you use this.

Hey Brice,

Thanks - yes I have seen this and it looks like a really useful
module. Does it support tracking for multiple file uploads within
the same HTTP POST ?

I have an existing upload bar that updates for multiple file uploads
and am reluctant to switch from this code unless absolutely necessary.

My best-case solution would be a simple flag to switch off the file
upload buffering in nginx - are you aware of any patches for this ?


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