Recommendations for nginx stats capturing

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Thu May 22 09:17:09 MSD 2008

I am looking for a tool to help me understand the # of requests nginx is processing over time.  I came across this which looks pretty good but I cannot get the script running.

Perl complains about a missing file when I try to run it.  I am new to all this so wasn't really sure what to do. Google searches didn't help.  I am on Fedora core 8 i386. I did a yum install rrdtools and that installed the base package, but still not file was included so I am stuck.

Does anyone have an idea of how to get this going?

Also I noticed that this script was last updated or posted back in 2006, so I was wondering if there was anything else newer that some people were using with success.



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