SSL support in Debian (etch) package

Zak Elep zakame at
Fri May 23 20:55:13 MSD 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 09:15:07AM -0700, kingler wrote:
>> I believe the Debian nginx package is pretty old version as well.
>> Etch(Stable) branch is version 0.4.13
>> I wish I knew more about Debian packaging. But if someone is familiar
>> with the packaging process, maybe he could ping the maintainer of the
>> package and offer assistance to update the nginx package. It will
>> definitely make things easier for nginx first-timers to try out on
>> Debian platform.

Debian has a backports repository,[0] where one can use via APT to grab 
newer nginx packages built against the current (etch) and oldstable 
(sarge) Debian dependencies.  Current backport version is 0.5.35-1~bpo40+1.


Also, there is a concise list of all nginx packages available across 
Debian versions on the Package Tracking System;[1] with some knowledge 
of Debian's packaging infrastructure, it is possible for one to backport 
more recent versions of the nginx package (or even the latest 0.6.31 
source, just needing Debian-specific configuration,) to older Debian 


> Actually, I created Debian packages some time ago.
> I may include them in tarball, however, I have no Debian to test it.
> BTW, is it possible to create packages without updating package changelog ?

Yes, if you're using the full Debian packaging infrastructure with 
devscripts,[2] you can do a `debuild` on the unpacked source root 
directory with the debian/ tree on it to do a build, regardless of 
whether the changelog is updated.  Furthermore, you can do a build that 
doesn't generate GPG-signed .dsc and .changes files by doing a `debuild 
-us -uc` instead.




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