SSL support in Debian (etch) package

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Sat May 24 19:10:52 MSD 2008

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kingler escribió:
> I believe the Debian nginx package is pretty old version as well.
> Etch(Stable) branch is version 0.4.13
> I wish I knew more about Debian packaging. But if someone is familiar
> with the packaging process, maybe he could ping the maintainer of the
> package and offer assistance to update the nginx package. It will
> definitely make things easier for nginx first-timers to try out on
> Debian platform.


Me and Fabio Tranchitella are the maintainers of the nginx package in
Debian, which is also sync'ed with Ubuntu (from Sid)

Debian 4.0 (Etch) shipped with an old nginx because an update was not
allowed by the Release Managers at the moment. Debian Lenny and Debian
Sid have up-to-date nginx packages at the moment.

Hopefully Debian Lenny will release with a 0.6 release. The absolute
minimum will be 0.5.35.

We're also planning to include 0.7 in experimental in the next week. We
are also handling the package metadata using SVN, so updates are
_really_ easy in every branch (except Etch :))

Feel free to file a bug in the Debian BTS [1] if you need a specific
compile option or feature added to the package.

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