Nginx for Symfony

John Huong jahuong at
Sat May 24 16:51:12 MSD 2008

I would like to seek assistance with configuring nginx for a symfony 

So far the examples I have managed to get from Google points to setups 
where the symfony project is on the root of the virtual host.

I am trying to setup as a subfolder e.g.

I have managed to get it to work partially but it seems whenever it 
tries to load the css it will try to load it from a wrong folder;

e.g. project folder = /var/www/myproject/web
then it tries to load main.css through 
/var/www/myproject/web/var/www/myproject/web/main.css which is not correct.

Also how do I tell nginx to always load all references to the sf folder 
(e.g. /var/www/myproject/web/sf) to the symfony data folder?

Thank you

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