How to enable Nginx to serve PHP code/pages in Ubuntu

mike mike503 at
Mon Nov 3 21:13:17 MSK 2008

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 10:06 AM, Mark Alan <varia at> wrote:

> - you need to check that there are php-fpm patches for the specific PHP
> version that you intend to use;
> - you need to hand recompile PHP to use it,
> - you need to hand customize the paths of the recompiled code
> - you must comply with the awkward php-fpm license (non free/non OSI?)

the license isn't a big deal and will be changed when it is feature
complete i am told, so it can be compatible with PHP core and
hopefully be merged.

> And each time a new security/bug-fix release of PHP is out, you need to
> start it all over again.

or you make a simple build script - i roll my own .deb file and
compile it only once, then deploy the .deb on all my servers. works
like a charm :)

> We still do prefer the Ubuntu "LESS IS MORE" way of doing things:
>  sudo aptitude update
>  sudo aptitude safe-upgrade
> ...and it is done!

except it might not have all the extensions you want or options you want.

i use ubuntu repositories for -everything- and over the years have
slimmed down what i compile. nowadays it is only nginx, php-fpm and
ffmpeg for the most part - as ubuntu and other repositories are either
too outdated or not "rich enough" to meet my needs.

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