1000 requests per second?

owkaye owkaye at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 15:03:28 MSK 2008

>> Can nginx -- running on one server -- deliver 1000
>> requests per second without "bogging down" and 
>> pushing more and more requests into a queue?
> I suspect that nginx would be able to handle this without
> at problem, although I would suggest that the best way to
> find out is to do some load testing. 

I will definitely do this after I buy a server.  I'm still 
in the planning stage right now.

> How are the responses built? If that involves database
> lookups, for example, it's more likely that your
> bottleneck will be there.   

The responses will require a comparison of a posted value to 
another value stored in a specific location in memory.  
It's not a lookup or search in a databse but it required a 
separate app to do the comparison so it's not as simple as 
immediately serving a cached static web page.

> Incidentally, I don't think XMLHttpRequest will 
> help you - from the server's point of view, it's just
> another request, albeit one serving a smaller amount of
> data.

Thanks for this info.  I know it will result in less traffic 
but if you're saying


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