1000 requests per second?

John Moore grails at jmsd.co.uk
Fri Nov 21 15:40:12 MSK 2008

owkaye wrote:
> The responses will require a comparison of a posted value to 
> another value stored in a specific location in memory.  
> It's not a lookup or search in a databse but it required a 
> separate app to do the comparison so it's not as simple as 
> immediately serving a cached static web page.
How large are the responses? That's something else to consider, if 
you're returning large amounts of data, as the bottleneck might then 
move to the network.

Even though you haven't got your server yet, I recommend installing 
nginx on your development machine and playing with it with a bit of load 
testing. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. What amazes me is how 
tiny its demands on the CPU and memory are, even under heavy load.

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