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Thu Nov 27 18:36:13 MSK 2008

Changes with nginx 0.6.34                                        27 Nov 2008

    *) Change: now the EAGAIN error returned by connect() is not considered 
       as temporary error.

    *) Change: now the "gzip_vary" directive turned on issues a 
       "Vary: Accept-Encoding" header line for uncompressed responses too.

    *) Feature: the "expires" directive supports daily time.

    *) Feature: the "Expect" request header line support.

    *) Feature: now the "rewrite" directive does a redirect automatically 
       if the "https://" protocol is used.

    *) Bugfix: the "listen" directive parameters such as "backlog", 
       "rcvbuf", etc. were not set, if a default server was not the first 

    *) Bugfix: the "log_not_found" directive did not work for index files 

    *) Bugfix: now if FastCGI server sends a "Location" header line without 
       status line, then nginx uses 302 status code.
       Thanks to Maxim Dounin.

    *) Bugfix: the ngx_http_flv_module did not support several values in a 
       query string.

    *) Bugfix: when a request to a directory was redirected with the slash 
       added, nginx dropped a query string from the original request.

Igor Sysoev

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