Routing outgoing traffic

Harish Sundararaj tuxtoti at
Wed Oct 1 16:11:13 MSD 2008

Hi Everyone,
I'm newbie to this world of webservers/loadbalancing... so forgive me if I
talk anything that makes no sense
So my question is there any option where I can say route all the outgoing
traffic directly to the client(destination)?
Basically the current setup is this way:

1) All incoming traffic comes through one manchine where nginx acts as the
load balancer and also
a web server for the static content serving

2)  For Dynamic content the requests are passed on to the backend apache
webservers... where the requests
are processed and sent back to nginx which is routed to the client(browser).

Now in step 2) I want all the outgoing traffic to be routed to the
client(browser) directly rather than through nginx...

I remember it was possible in LVS

Additionally I have one more question, how is a failover for nginx managed?
or is there an inbuilt module to do that?

Once I'm done I will post my configuration for you guys to  comment upon...

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