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Wed Oct 1 16:47:29 MSD 2008


perhaps you should checkout keepalived as loadbalancing/failover solution.



Harish Sundararaj wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm newbie to this world of webservers/loadbalancing... so forgive me
> if I talk anything that makes no sense
> So my question is there any option where I can say route all the
> outgoing traffic directly to the client(destination)?
> Basically the current setup is this way:
> 1) All incoming traffic comes through one manchine where nginx acts as
> the load balancer and also
> a web server for the static content serving
> 2)  For Dynamic content the requests are passed on to the backend
> apache webservers... where the requests
> are processed and sent back to nginx which is routed to the
> client(browser).
> Now in step 2) I want all the outgoing traffic to be routed to the
> client(browser) directly rather than through nginx...
> I remember it was possible in LVS
> Link:
> Additionally I have one more question, how is a failover for nginx
> managed? heartbeat?
> or is there an inbuilt module to do that?
> Once I'm done I will post my configuration for you guys to  comment
> upon...
> Regards
> Harish

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