nginx hangs on page with multiple virtual ssi tags that

Shai Rosenfeld lists at
Tue Oct 7 12:06:13 MSD 2008

This post was a life saver. I've used wait=yes option and that has 
helped remedy my 'hang' as well .

Thank god for ruby-talk.
Here's an awesome link as well, with other ssi methods/gotcha's -

Thanks again!

Tyler Kovacs wrote:
> I have discovered a situation where nginx consistently hangs when 
> interacting
> with memcached while using multiple SSI virtual tags in a single page. 
> Our
> nginx returns the page and then attempts to process the SSI virtual 
> tags.  If
> the page has multiple virtual SSI and they are not set to wait then 
> nginx hangs
> when trying to talk to memcached.  Sometimes the first few requests are
> successful but it doesn't take long for nginx to lock up.  nginx does 
> not lock
> up under any of these conditions:
> - there's only 1 SSI virtual on the page
> - there's multiple SSI virtual but each is set wait="yes"
> - memcached is not running or the memcache requests are cache misses
> I have tested with nginx 0.5.32, 0.5.35 and 0.6.29 with memcached 1.2.2 
> and
> 1.2.5 - it happens with each combination.
> Has anyone else seen this?

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