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Mon Oct 13 21:10:03 MSD 2008

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 05:56:47PM +0200, Steffen Weber wrote:

> Igor Sysoev wrote:
> >The ngx_http_secure_link_module allows to create a secure link as
> >/prefix/hash/link, where
> >
> >1) prefix is any symbols expect "/";
> >2) hash is md5(link, secret),
> >   the secret is set by secure_link_secret directive;
> >3) and link is some link to secure.
> lighttpd has a similar feature with an additional possibility to specify 
> a timeout:
> The timeout would be a nice addition to nginx, because otherwise once 
> someone has received the "secure link" he can pass it around to other 
> people and it will never expire.

The current use of the module is not to create unique expiring links,
but to validate redirecting or proxying URLs such as

The unique links should be created using X-Accel-Redirect, however,
I will probably add timestamps.

Igor Sysoev

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