Steffen Weber nginx at
Mon Oct 13 22:22:01 MSD 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> The unique links should be created using X-Accel-Redirect, however,
> I will probably add timestamps.

Using X-Accel-Redirect requires that either a) you do not have a 
dedicated download-server in addition to your webserver or b) your 
download-server has access to your (user) database.

The nice thing about a timeout value like in lighttpd's mod_secdownload 
is that your download-server does not even need a connection to your 
database and therefore can be located anywhere you can imagine: You just 
let an application running on your webserver create a secret link and 
your lighttpd-download-server can validate this request completely on 
its own.

So: Yes, a timeout value would be useful. :)


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