Multiple SSL certificates

Dave Cheney dave at
Tue Oct 21 14:36:05 MSD 2008

On 21/10/2008, at 9:05 PM, Thomas wrote:

> So I tried with my real IP server, and it works. But when I add my IP
> failover, it doesn't.
> How do I configure the IP on the host? Why would the host need to be
> aware of its IP? Moreover, Nginx is running in a virtual machine, the
> only IPs it is aware of are and

Um, those IP's aren't routable on the general internet, how are hosts  
going to contact that machine ?

> And why do I need to configure any IP, as Nginx works with the real IP
> of my server, why is it not working with the IP failover? By the way
> the IP failover is correctly pointing to my server.

If you want nginx to listen() on any IP address that is currently  
configured for your server (/sbin/ifconfig) then you can say

listen 443;

However, because you need to bind a particular IP to a particular ssl  
certificate, then you need to specify the IP you want each server  
block assigned too in the config. Also, each of thoses IP's have to be  
valid at server startup time so that nginx can issue a successful  
bind() call for each.

Can you give us some more background about your setup, and what you  
are trying to do?



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