a newbie question regarding regex in nginx conf

Zhang Yining zhang.yining at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 21:11:26 MSD 2008

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Hi Chris,

Chris Savery wrote:
> I'm curious about your breaking up the filename into a path like that.
> If using ext3 filesystem is there any advantage speed wise to doing
> that? I thought it could handle large file counts without a problem
> using indexing but I may be wrong and I am quite interested as I expect
> to have thousands of image files as well and if it's going to be slow on
> ext3 then I would also want to split up directories like this.
> Chris :)

First of all, I simplified the question a little, all url's are actually
ended with "-(L|M|S|Q|T)" denoting different sizes (large, medium,
small, square, thumbnail), so that's multiplication by five :-)

Secondly, yes, it's ext3 (on my dev pc), but I split files this way is
more for ease of management and some flexibility instead of from purly
performance stand point.

I don't have hard data and facts right now, but in my understanding,
splitting up does help in terms of performance. I will share more info
when I have some more.

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