log empty gif module if a connection lasted more than 10s

Vladan Popovic vladanpopovic at be-o.com
Sat Sep 6 21:21:18 MSD 2008

Chris Savery <chrissavery at ...> writes:
> I don't know how your'e going
> to tell if they kept it open for more than 10 sec. As far as I know
> there's no way to do that. Also note that many email readers
> purposefully block images in email so that receipt is not disclosed. I
> know I use Thunderbird and it does that. I only allow image display if
> I know what it is and want to see it. I just wouldn't depend on that
> method.
> Chris :)

I know that most email clients block the download of images so I will be happy
that this works only in the cases where the user downloads the images.
I am thinking along the line of having a keepalive-timout of 10s and if it
expires to be able to log it.


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