How to retrieve HTTP header from Apache in nginx?

Alex Man alexman at
Fri Sep 12 22:16:20 MSD 2008

Hi Aleks,

Thanks for your response.

The reason I'm using nginx instead of other load balancers such as 
HAProxy and Pound is that they don't support (I believe) the fair 
balancing algorithm provided by the Fair Proxy Balancer 
( module of 
nginx. I would like the load balancer to send request to the 
least-busy ZEO client.

I'm using Apache because I'm also using 
<>Shibboleth for authentication and I 
believe the Shibboleth module can only be loaded in Apache.

So, should I still be using nginx for the reason I listed above? Thanks a lot!

At 01:57 PM 9/10/2008, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
>Hi Alex,
>On Mit 10.09.2008 11:24, Alex Man wrote:
>>Hi Igor,
>>Thanks for your response.
>>Actually, I'm using nginx as a load balancer for a number of ZEO
>>clients and a ZEO server. So the more precise picture should be
>>Aapche -> Squid -> nginx -> ZEO clients -> ZEO server (Plone)
>yust a idea but why not use a 'loadbalancer' instead of a webserver?
>e.g. haproxy, pound, ...
>or use the
>so that you reduce the complexity of your setup?
>I fully agree with Igor about the chain ;-)
>Squid -> Apache -> Zope
>or if you don't want to deliver static content
>Squid -> Zope
>Squid -> $LB -> Zope
>or the global question is:
>Why do you use such a complex setup?!
>Apache -> Squid -> nginx -> Zope


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