gzip_disable and vary header

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Thu Apr 2 17:48:09 MSD 2009


A while ago we were having some troubles with gzip and old IE6. I then
found this blog entry which seemed to solve my troubles:


However immediately after applying this fix to our Nginx config files I
realised that there was still something wrong. If gzip_disable acts on
the User-Agent to enable/disable compression, shouldn't gzip_vary act on
this too? In other words shouldn't it send this header?:

Vary: Accept-Encoding, User-Agent

Attached patch modifies Nginx 0.6 to send above header when both
gzip_vary and gzip_disable are being used. It reverts back to the old
behaviour of sending only Accept-Encoding in the Vary header if
gzip_disable is not in use.

Feedback appreciated.


Matthijs van der Klip


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