fastcgi timeout at big requests

Anıl Çetin anil at
Fri Apr 10 19:12:08 MSD 2009

Sometimes kernel and tcp related settings becomes bottleneck, first of 
all you must be sure about, "is all data sent by nginx and/or recieved 
by  php successfully?" so, to determine if tcp is problematic you may 
try unix sockets. After being sure about sending and recieving you can 
watch the php process using "strace -p <pid-of-php>", it will tell what 
is going on php side.

Robert Gabriel yazmış:
> Anıl Çetin wrote:
>> Are you connecting with a unix socket or by tcp? If it is TCP, try the
>> socket connection. Problem may be related something other than fastcgi
>> and nginx.
>> Robert Gabriel yazmış:
> Im using TCP/IP. Im not sure if would make such a big difference, and if 
> it would, why?

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