php-fastcgi stalling

Denis Filimonov denis at
Sat Apr 11 19:21:00 MSD 2009

Too little information to tell for sure, but it seems the problem is caused by 
MySQL table locking issues, not PHP.

On Friday 10 April 2009 21:03:15 Kiril Angov wrote:
> Ok, here is a problem I had before but did not pay enough attention. I
> have php-cgi spawned with a simple init.d script. 10 child processed.
> I send one request to a PHP script let's say sloooooow.php, so the
> browser waits for the page to load but the problem is that while that
> page is loading, no other php page can be opened. That happens usually
> when I do send a slow query through the phpMyAdmin but it can happen
> on the production site also.
> So, anybody know what the problem can be? Obviously php takes time to
> respond but that should not stop nginx from serving other request. I
> am pretty sure the problem is in PHP but what could it be?
> Thanks in advance.

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