nginx mogilefs module 1.0.1

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Thu Apr 16 20:58:25 MSD 2009

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 9:34 AM, Valery Kholodkov
<valery+nginxen at> wrote:

> Regardless of the fact, that tracker returns path to the host with least load, it would be worth to try secondary locations, since there could some network configuration or routing issue suddenly appear.

exactly - that's why it should be an nginx upstream {} construct
probably; and your mogilefs_timeout or whatever settings would
essentially be the same parameters given normally with the upstream
parameters of timeout and such or whatever. that way nginx is using
it's "smart" retry-multiple-upstreams functionality. basically
mogilefs is just giving us a dynamic list of available upstreams for a
specific URI. that's in a nutshell i think 90% of what this module
does, is translating a URI until a mogilefs key and domain and asking
a tracker where it is, then offloading it to standard nginx
proxying... if that is possible

> However, sysads must be punished for network configurations, where a situation can appear such as tracker can contact storage nodes and frontends not.
> Ideally, every frontend node must have a clone of distributed fs repo, which it can contact locally. I don't know whether mogile can do this.

to me, this is up to how they want to configure their mogilefs
installation. you can create domains with 2 or 3 or N replicas of the
file in question.

for fallbacks i would use standard nginx fallback functionality using
error_page or whatever.

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