nginx-0.7.52 all Windows native working

Roger Pack lists at
Thu Apr 23 17:38:33 MSD 2009

> Very minor detail/request from Windows people:  I'm not very
> knowledgeable with MS-DOS Batch files.  Can someone tell me how to run
> "start nginx" from within a .bat?  I'm just running it separately from a
> cmd prompt now, which works, just one extra step.

It should be the same way as from a command prompt. [?]

> On another note to the folks maintaining the nginx site and docs, I'm
> sure it would be very helpful to M$ people if you took the information
> from the following link, updated it so that it relates to the current
> Windows native binary (and strip the Wordpress-specific stuff), and took
> this information to the nginx site.

There is a wiki you may be able to add a page there :)
Thanks for the info!

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