EY Load balancer - Does this work with the newest dev ve

Joe Bofh lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Apr 28 11:40:47 MSD 2009


Just wanted to add another voice in getting the patch part merged in. 
There's no burning need to get the module part merged in but saving from 
having to patch each time would be nice. Besides, it would be nice to 
have more than one option for balancing.


I don't suppose you could restructure things so that only the module is 
needed. The upstream-fair patch seems to get away without having to 
patch nginx source.


Ryan Dahl wrote:
> The patch for 0.6.34 can be applied to 0.7.42. It passes all of the
> unit tests, which are rather complete, but I don't know of anyone
> using it in the wild.
> Igor: would be nice if this patch could get merged. It just allows one
> to delay connecting to a backend by returning NGX_BUSY from the
> peer.init callback in an upstream module. Seems to work well.
> http://github.com/ry/nginx-ey-balancer/blob/afccd5c15e10257e675fb56715dd7d63bfcf4ffc/patches/nginx-0.6.34.patch
> ry

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