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Wed Dec 2 04:56:25 MSK 2009

Hello folks,

Let me first thank for nginx. Among OSS, this is one of the projects I respect the most. You're
keeping the russian flag up high :)

I have settled with nginx some 3 years ago, after many years with Apache, and two hops
with cherokee and lighttpd.
Back at the time of Apache I was an addicted user of WebDAV. WebDAV is the simplest to
use, simplest to administer, most efficient and most portable system for sharing files over
the web. Because of this, I have been craving to have the same possibility with Nginx
ever since.

Over these years, I occasionally repeated a search for alternatives like standalone servers, or
third party modules to accompany nginx. I have to say I am impressed that, despite the vast
utility of WebDAV, I still can't find a stable and reputable alternative.

With this message, besides reporting my personal feedback, I would like to:

1) ask the team (Igor?) for an insight on this. I guess I read there is no plan nor interest in ever
completing the WebDAV module (OPTIONS and PROPFIND methods), but I can't find trace
of this anymore. Is this (still) the case? If so, could you cast a rough estimate of the amount
of work that'd be required?

2) poll the community to assess what is the actual public interest on such feature. Who is interested,
can you please follow up this post?


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