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Michael Shadle mike503 at
Wed Dec 2 05:10:48 MSK 2009

there has been interest in a mod_svn or something of that nature from
many people. i think it could be done just by implementing these extra
http verbs required for webdav.

(not 100% sure, but i know that those missing are not helping)

i for one would be very interested in this (mainly so i can do svn
through nginx, in fact, i have a request right now to implement svn
over https and it's making it more complex because i have to use
apache's svn module and proxy to it)

note: i would be willing to contribute some $$ to this cause (to get
an svn module going, especially if it could be put into nginx without
being a third party module)

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 5:56 PM, michelem <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> Hello folks,
> Let me first thank for nginx. Among OSS, this is one of the projects I respect the most. You're
> keeping the russian flag up high :)
> I have settled with nginx some 3 years ago, after many years with Apache, and two hops
> with cherokee and lighttpd.
> Back at the time of Apache I was an addicted user of WebDAV. WebDAV is the simplest to
> use, simplest to administer, most efficient and most portable system for sharing files over
> the web. Because of this, I have been craving to have the same possibility with Nginx
> ever since.
> Over these years, I occasionally repeated a search for alternatives like standalone servers, or
> third party modules to accompany nginx. I have to say I am impressed that, despite the vast
> utility of WebDAV, I still can't find a stable and reputable alternative.
> With this message, besides reporting my personal feedback, I would like to:
> 1) ask the team (Igor?) for an insight on this. I guess I read there is no plan nor interest in ever
> completing the WebDAV module (OPTIONS and PROPFIND methods), but I can't find trace
> of this anymore. Is this (still) the case? If so, could you cast a rough estimate of the amount
> of work that'd be required?
> 2) poll the community to assess what is the actual public interest on such feature. Who is interested,
> can you please follow up this post?
> cheers
> michele
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