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Kiswono Prayogo kiswono at
Thu Dec 3 10:30:44 MSK 2009

hi, i trying to make to make downloader site, the process was like this:
1. user enter the site
2. paste their link
3. and the wget or downloader program would download the files every night
4. the file saved using the primary key of the database value (number),
this one example of the table row:
reqid: 273
userid: 5
reqtime: 2009-12-03 07:22:01

the file saved on /data/dl/
how can i protect the download link so people wont able to download directly
but must use some link, such as:
http://bla/get/273 but this link only activated when people has logged in..

what i mean is, can i make temporary link that can only be accessed certain
IP and session (of the logged user), one request only, without messing
around and reload nginx's configuration everytime authenticated people wan't
to download the file, and without load file into server side scripting
engine (PHP, etc) because it's slow when i use server side engine to serve
the file..

Thanks for care to read this mail..

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