Nginx securiy problem

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Sun Dec 6 01:27:25 MSK 2009

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Steve <steeeeeveee at> wrote:

> And how would a Web UI have prevented that panic mode?

See below - this isn't just web UI, but I see it as a chance to
someone re-architect it a bit better. First, match feature set.
Second, improve and adjust.

> I think it would take you ages to get mailman to be on par with the possibilities a full blown up MTA is giving you. So for me the logical consequence is: Fully use mailman as much as possible but don't try to make it do something that it is not build for and that my MTA could do light years better then mailman could ever do.

I just mean that it could possibly influence delivery or other
mechanisms or in the case of some of those options additional mail
headers is how it works, you can inject those in using the MTA or you
could configure them using on the mailman level too.

> While doing that code you will quickly realize that some limitations you are facing now will not vanish if you abstract mailman in a Web UI. Fundamental design flaws can't always be fixed with a nice GUI. You can definitely work around some design issues and handle that in the GUI but don't expect the mailman crew to be strict with their design flaws. They will fix and reorder things and you will hunt them. You will mostly be one or more step behind them. Some time you will be in front of them but that will happen rarely. And after some time doing this hunting you will come to the point asking yourself: Why am I doing this? WHY?

FYI/FWIW: this isn't all about just a "fancy web UI" it's also about
some modernization and simplification.

I am happy you've had such success with mailman. However myself and
other people I've talked to all have had similar pains with mailman.

We should stop the discussion here as we're just going further and further OT.

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