limiting bandwith by querying mysql possible?

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Tue Dec 8 07:43:43 MSK 2009

Hi, i haven't found a solution regarding nginx, and it's driving me nuts..
what i'm trying to do is limit the bandwith for each user that i have in a mysqlDB for some mp3.
I already have the DB , and i've been trying to implement this with NginxXSendfile, but that doesn't count traffic , just No. of downloads by calling a php script, and the the php forwards to nginx the file transparently...

this has raised a big amount of suport mails for my system, as the users are...pretty ,,,well you know how they are..

so , i don't have a clue how to do this , i have to really count the traffic...

the situation it's pretty bad as i have more webservers serving, and one central DB...with a cluster...but it's a mysql

what i don't want to do is serve files with php, and of course programming a module is not an option..C++ is pretty hard for me

Thank you for reading this post

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