Streaming of Content (CGI)

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Mon Dec 28 21:23:35 MSK 2009


I'm trying to run cgiirc ( with nginx proxy to
If I access apache or thttpd directly it works, but when I access with
nginx it doesn't work.

I've tested with this test file too and doesn't work ->

"Testing streaming of content (with scripting)
If most of the tests below succeed then it is likely streaming of
content works fine. If they fail then either the webserver, a proxy
between you and the webserver or your browser is having problems with
streams (and sometimes scripts embedded inside streams). If the
difference in any failed tests is only a second then it is more likely
that your internet connection to the server is slow.

Test 0: OK
Test 1: Failed: 1262024225 != 1262024220
Test 2: Failed: 1262024230 != 1262024220
Test 3: Failed: 1262024235 != 1262024220
Test 4: Failed: 1262024240 != 1262024220
Test 5: Failed: 1262024245 != 1262024220
Less than 4 tests were successful. You probably have a problem with
streaming of content (or a slow internet connection)
End of test."

What can I do to nginx so it works with this setup?

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