Traffic limit and HTTP headers rewrite

Aryanto Rachmad aryanto.rachmad at
Sun Dec 27 15:30:26 MSK 2009

Hello Everybody,

Sorry that I mentioned Cherokee instead of Nginx, so please ignore my 
previous post. Below is the questions that I intended to send.

Some time ago, it was mentioned that we can not limit the traffic per 
server on Nginx. We have to use traffic shaper at the OS level to do 
that. Is it still the case now?

And I want to try Nginx, but I can not find any where in the 
documentations about how to do the HTTP header re-write. What I would 
like to do is to be able to re-write the HTTP header set by Drupal, 
especially the "Expires", "Cache-Control", "Last-Modified", 
"Content-Encoding" and "Content-Type" headers. I am using Lighttpd and I 
can do the removal and re-write of those HTTP headers via mod_magnet LUA 
script. Is there similar function like that in Nginx, which allow me to 
do that without changing anything in Drupal?

Kind regards,


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