Load Balancer / Nginx response times

Asif Ali azifali at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 17:18:03 MSD 2009


I am testing a new APP with

EY Load balancer + ngnix + mongrel handler

This app gives me a throughput of 20 per second without nginx but when I run
the same application with several mongrel ports say 25 and nginx configured
as the reverse proxy with e-y load balancer, most requests are OK and return
responses in less than 1 second [which is what the application is expected
to do] but sometimes the responses are >3 seconds. I strongly believe that
this is got to do with the nginx / load balancer which is taking time to
identify available http ports to route the requests. Any way that this can
be speeded up to <500 ms for the routing + 500 ms response from the

Thoughts are welcome.  Thank you in advance.


Asif Ali
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