proxy_ignore_headers when not using cache

Jérôme Loyet jerome at
Thu Jun 11 18:07:21 MSD 2009

Hi igor,

how the directive proxy_ignore_headers is used when the cache is not
set for a location ? for exemple:

http {
  proxy_cache_path /LIBRE/nginx/cache levels=1:2 keys_zone=one:32m
inactive=1d max_size=4g;
  proxy_ignore_headers Expires Cache-Control;
  server {
    location / {
      proxy_cache one;
      proxy_cache_valid 5m;
    location /not_cached {

For every pages (exept the ones catched by the /not_cached location),
pages are cached for 5 minutes whatever the headers Expires and
Cache-Control say.

But for the /not_cached pages, what does the proxy_ignore_headers do ?
As far as I understand it, it should do nothing. Am I right ?

++ jerome

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