[OT] CMS suggestions?

Nuno Magalhães nunomagalhaes at eu.ipp.pt
Fri Jun 26 22:39:06 MSD 2009

>> - php-based

Because right now i know a little PHP, so if a PHP-based CMS happens
to crash or if there's something i might want to change, i'll know
what i'm looking at when i open the hood.

> For this and other reasons, we usually prefer Plone (Python-based,
> www.plone.org).

Which would mean i'd have (or want) to learn Python. It's on my list,
but not checked yet. Plus, this is obviously my opinion, i feel
scripting languages make much more sense than programming languages as
far as web-content goes. I like how PHP is embeded in HTML and
vice-versa, makes sense to me.

I've barely explored Python, though, but i'll check out Plone.

> What about using a (mostly) blog package? If you are really determined
> to stick with PHP, I'd say you should take a look at serendipity
> (www.s9y.org). Plus: i18n, architecture, standards-conforming, code
> quality, multi-domain-capable... but see below.

I'll give it a try, thanks. The sites are all simple:

- One's a simple site that could be 100% static, just a small company
displaying info on their services.

- Another's for an association. I'm starting with the basics like
contact information and FAQ but in the long run i want the library
catalog online and maybe e-store, plus a news section that would be
consistent with a blog framework.

- Another one's for a driving school. Mostly it's static stuff,
although i'll need some interactivity since the client will want to
change content (prices etc); plus later on he'll want online tests as
well for the students. Moodle has stuff for that, i was considering
grafting that onto the site.

These are basic sites and needs (i'm not that advanced in all the web*
stuff yet, just basic xhtml 1.*, css2, php5, ...), but it would be
easier to find a basic structure with some add-ons to start from than
code everything from scratch. A basic structure i could understand
right away :)

I considered Drupal. It is a huge project, but i guess the core
packages are small and i can add on from there.

I assume all of these are not httpd-dependant, although i've seen some
Drupal modules refering Apache's mod_rewrite (for clean URLs,
something i'd want).

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