[OT] CMS suggestions?

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Fri Jun 26 23:05:08 MSD 2009

On Fri, 2009-06-26 at 19:39 +0100, Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> >> - php-based
> Because right now i know a little PHP, so if a PHP-based CMS happens
> to crash or if there's something i might want to change, i'll know
> what i'm looking at when i open the hood.
> > For this and other reasons, we usually prefer Plone (Python-based,
> > www.plone.org).
> Which would mean i'd have (or want) to learn Python. It's on my list,
> but not checked yet. Plus, this is obviously my opinion, i feel
> scripting languages make much more sense than programming languages as
> far as web-content goes. I like how PHP is embeded in HTML and
> vice-versa, makes sense to me.
> I've barely explored Python, though, but i'll check out Plone.

Plone runs on Zope, which is pretty much the opposite of "lightweight".
It's huge and slow (although quite powerful if you want to dedicate a
goodly portion of your life to learning it). 
You won't be able to handle any significant amount of traffic without a
dedicated server (better yet, two dedicated servers, one server running
Squid as a caching proxy in front of a Zope cluster on the other

If you want lightweight and easy, I'd stick with a PHP blog or CMS
(although you'll want to be *very* wary of security flaws) *or* if you
are willing to learn Python (pretty easy), I'd consider using a lighter
Python framework such as Pylons or Turbogears.



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