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Johan Bergström johan at
Thu Mar 12 00:36:41 MSK 2009


On Mar 10, 2009, at 12:50 , C. wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm organizing some google summer of code ideas for our organization  
> and
> nginx could play a very interesting and key role in one of them.  So
> two quick questions.
> 1) Would anyone be willing to mentor a student?
> 2) What are some other ideas that we could possibly add to the list to
> make it exciting?

Here's two ideas/suggestions from my wish list:

1: Nginx should keepalive connections against proxied backends
This could/should apply to all kinds of backends ranging from http to  
FastCGI. While digging into backend unification, why not enable  
memcached as a "standard" backend instead of a third party module (of  
course compile-time option)? I recall seeing proof of concepts on this  
at this mailing list.

2: Nginx proxy store should be purge:able
The most fundamental action for a proper proxy cache. One could dig  
deeper into this and enable more advanced rules for invalidation by  
looking at ncache or other proxy servers such as varnish. I'm not  
suggesting Nginx to act as a "full fledged" proxy - only cover the  
basic needs.

> We have about a day or so to collect ideas and add stuff to the
> application if it makes sense. I'm on irc if anyone wants to say hi  
> and
> talk about ideas.
> Cheers,
> ./Christopher
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