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I'm all for the KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach and that's why I
created only a few forums/subforums.  But I would like to try to keep the
format such that threads are threads wherever they are posted. At this point
I am only using a gmail address and haven't even set up mail at the domain.
I assume that would require Igor to point a mail entry to the server, or
setting it up on a separate domain.


As for the archives, I can make one forum for them. So anything posted
before whatever date goes in there. 


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Is there any way to syndicate mailing list posts as RSS? Those I can import.


If Igor simply doesnt have time to make something centrally with the list
backend but can specify how its stored, I would be willing to write some
script or other to parse it and output the necessary RSS for importing
everything (except for subscribe, unsubscribe, etc).

Alternatively, for external solutions, I might have some time to build a
scraper that pulls from or something and builds an RSS feed for
you to import out of the old threads.  For current stuff, we'd probably want
something posting (on the backend) that is subscribed to the list directly
and reading its mbox.

Of course that's for the simple case of just dumping them to a single
subforum.  Are we going to try to do complete replication?  I mean post all
forum posts to the list and then therefore maintain replies between them, or
just a one-to-one subforum?  I am for the one-to-one mapping based on a love
for simple machines, and that it's easy to decouple the forum and mailing
list if necessary.

Any of these rediculous meanderings making sense?

- Merlin

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Jim / Igor,


Happy to help .. we have some large VB forums on Nginx and have a fair bit
of experience in admin / spam / SEO issues with them. 


Would strongly recommend the NNTP modules for VB, Mobile Style (for many of
us who browse on their phones..). 


Drop me a note on shri at if you need help.


Will register / post suggestions over the weekend.




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Thank you Igor for giving us use of the domain name.


The location of the forum is It's a work in progress
but let's use it. There's a location for suggestions there so post away if
you have them.


If there is a desire for other languages I can set that up too.







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