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On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 12:40 PM, Wilfried Schobeiri <ws at>wrote:

> Not to complain or anything... But does anyone else think perhaps this
> should be taken off list or a separate list be made? My cell has never been
> so flooded with emails before...
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> WS
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> Not to add one more to the flood...  but this is an extremely valid point
no one initially considered.  We have members of this list, which generally
gets a pretty light peppering of traffic, and we are going to be spamming
them messages from a forum, which is quite likely (due to the nature of
webforums) to become much higher traffic and chatty than the email list.
Emails are (again, generally) much more considered than forum posts and
there is less of a tendency to post trivial/chatty messages to email groups
than to forums.

Perhaps we should syndicate new forum threads only to this list, or a
completely different list.  We should be able to set up nginx.forums list
and you can join that if you also would like to get the forum information
bridged to your local mail.
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