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On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 at 16:56:41 +0530, hirantha wrote:

> Hi,
Hi Hirantha,
> I'm planing to use nginx on existing LVS load balancer with more than 10 
> numbers of web servers as back-ends. My main objective is to use nginx 
> as a reverse-proxy while compressing the data streaming. Since the LVS 
> running on Linux, I have planned to run the Nginx on the same Linux box 
> though I have tested it on FreeBSD.
> Here is the setup I am looking for
Maybe offing topic, but you may try:
  Clients --> Varnish (for caching) --> HAProxy (L7 LB/Proxy) --> Nginx WebSrvs
> I will be running LVS for to load balance user connections requesting 
> coming through Nginx and forward to back-end servers in Round-robin 
> algorithm . LVS also handing the the persistence, healthchecks and 
> failovers with pulse (piranha).
Good enough. But HAProxy gives you more power on LB and Proxying.

> I would like to know is there a performance degration on Nginx when 
> moving from FreeBSD to Linux (Rhel5)..?
> I will be testing the setup to run nginx and lvs on same box but is this 
> feasible..? I googled but haven't seen any posts regards to nginx+lvs.
> I wonder is there any way that we could run nginx with keepalived while 
> nginx to handle the load balancing and completely replace LVS. Right now
See above.
> I'm running two back-end servers front-end with nginx reverse-proxy; 
> every time when I refresh the browser it connecting to back-end servers 
> in round-robin method. I can't keep the session connected to single 
> back-end server (persistence).
Consider to use shared session storage with Memcached.

There are lots of features I just can't tell in details regarding
Varnish, HAProxy. I think they'll give you much more choices.

Hope that helps. 
> I would really appreciate your advice.
> Thanks in advance
> Hirantha

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