memcache_pass not allowed in if block?

Marcus Clyne eugaia at
Sun Mar 22 07:20:06 MSK 2009

> Thanks for the info. Looks like the MacPorts version is 0.5.34 so I'll
> have to try compiling it myself. I didn't think it changed since the
> fastcgi_pass docs say it goes in location or location-if while
> memcached_pass says "http, server, location" but not location-if.
Yes, I just checked - the documentation is currently wrong.

Igor, is there a reason for not having memcached_pass in main / server / 
server if?  If not, could you possibly change it so that it's possible?  
Other directives like fastcgi_pass too might be useful to be set in 
main/server/server-if, unless there is a reason for not allowing it.



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