Writing a cache module

cripy ccripy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 19:37:43 MSK 2009

Any luck on this mod_cache like feature for Nginx Brian?  I'm in a
VERY similar situation as yours except I am dealing with large files.
(1GB each)  What really puts Nginx at the top with it's built in proxy
caching features for me is the option "proxy_cache_min_uses".  We have
problems with most cache software because they instantly want to start
caching requests when traffic is turned on but it's not very good when
you have a few hundred requests each serving 1GB files and trying to
write to disk.  We use proxy_cache_min_uses to stagger this off.

The problem I'm having is I'd like to get Nginx proxy_cache working
using the document root(network filesystem).

Please keep me updated in your efforts.  Thanks.


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