Best way to use PHP with nginx?

William Dode wilk at
Sun Nov 15 20:41:13 MSK 2009

On 13-11-2009, John Moore wrote:
> I have come across a handful of different methods detailed on the 
> Internet for getting PHP running with nginx, but haven't come across the 
> 'definitive' version. What method do the regular nginx users on here favour?

I used spawn-fcgi, but with this thread i tried php-cgi -b, it's more 
simple to install on debian.

I use supervisord to start it, autostart=unexepected since v 3 (the 
sample.conf is not correct, it says =true), and i just saw that when 
php-cgi stop it exit with error 0 so it was not restarted !

Sorry for my bad english. I just mean that if you use supervisord with 
php-cgi -b you should set autorestart=true


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